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Software Development

Hospital Management Sysytem

Need Of HMS:-

  Access to the right information and the automation of complex tasks & workflow is the key focus of the HMS, enabling freeing the staff to spend more time on caring for patients and extending the reach of services
  The HMS is designed to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes Quintegra believes that every hospital is unique in terms of its requirements and priorities. Hence, flexibility has been built into the HMIS to allow easy customization.
  The HMIS features unparalleled flexibility & scalability, comprehensive report types, easy customization, intuitive visuals and interactive graphics that simplify complex data, dashboard supported quality initiatives and comprehensive drill-down capabilities
  The HMIS has been conceived by a blend of seasoned professionals with rich and relevant experience in healthcare industry
  The system incorporates the best healthcare practices and is designed to deliver key tangible benefits to clients across the globe. With technology expertise garnered for over a decade and specialists drawn from diverse fields of medicine, we help hospitals provide better managed care through the state-of-the-art HMIS solution

Highlights of HMS

  Patient-centered approach
  User-friendly, easy-to-use & web-enabled applications
  Multi-level distributed hospital information system
  Security & privacy (authentication, authorization, privacy policy)
  Robustness, reliability, performance
  Scalability & portability (open modular architecture, declared interfaces, etc)


  Minimized documentation and No Duplication of Records
  Reduced Paper Work
  Effective Service Delivery


Project Management

Embedded Product Development cycle – If your business requires a fast, efficient, cost effective service Patronix Technologies can provide everything from basic PCB manufacture through to complete product assembly. You'll have the full support of our design and production engineering team throughout the process, so any problems can be identified and dealt with as quickly as possible. If you're looking for a truly cost effective and time-efficient route to new product introduction, Patronix Technologies has the answer Our Design Flow:

   As a product development firm based on engineering team that developed hundreds of corporate products we are committed to the highest possible quality within the project budget limits. The core engineering team has years of experience developing products aimed for very harsh environments, functioning in very high range of temperatures (High & low) & under extreme conditions. This experience & know-how are being translated into a high quality products design philosophy.

Benefits -

  Professional engineering team that specialized in high quality product development.
  Best value product per defined budget.
  Go with your own resources by teaming with Patronix as an outsourced engineering team.

Engineering Philosophy -

We offer our hardware engineering capabilities as a service to enterprises requiring a custom high quality product within a given budget in various engineering fields including:
  Electronics / Electrical Engineering
  Software Engineering
  Mechanical / instrumentation Engineering

On Time & On Budget -

  Define the functionality of the intended product according to the customer specifications.
  Design the appropriate product according to the strict design guidelines of DFMEA (Design Failure Mode & Effects Analysis) in order to provide the best Value (Cost effective) to the customer.
  Implement the designed solution including creation of mock-up, released, and production versions of the product.
  Provide manufacturing warranty.

Wireless Networks Product Development:

If you're looking for a truly cost effective and time-efficient route to new product introduction, Patronix Technologies has the answer Our Design Flow:

New technologies for advanced metering, smart energy management systems, and consumer engagement must be deployed into existing infrastructures with minimal installation costs.

Patronix Technologies is the right partner to build flexible, self-healing components in a wireless networks, energy appliances, and customer portals. We have proven experience in developing wireless modules and Smart Energy profiles, intelligent electronic devices.

Patronix Technologies engineers solve the problems of security in energy management systems, test and optimize the performance of wireless networks

Go wireless with Patronix Technologies

In every Wireless System Project high-performance hardware that is carefully designed, and easy to configure and maintain is needed. Developing such hardware is a specialized process that requires a highly developed skill set and a unique knowledge. 

In complex projects, embedded development and software delivery require resources with different skill sets and qualifications and therefore it is often necessary to collaborate with multiple vendors. Patronix Technologies has both development and delivery resources to provide our clients with a single strategic business partner. Having a single partner for both development and delivery has measurable benefits that lead to successful projects, including:

  Increased project predictability
  Decreased integration issues between design and deployment
  Dramatically decreased costs and time to market

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