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“To be a world class Embedded solution provider and to become one of the most preferred Technology partner in the world.” Our Industrial Training includes Embedded and Software training programs from experienced industry people. Through this candidates will gain complete knowledge of course plus work on live projects. They also have opportunity to seek various scholarships. We believe that a student learns with practice and not only by theory.


At Patronix Technologies, we aim to offer cost effective world class quality Embedded and Software solutions to every customer and to translate our solutions into value for our customers with a commitment to conduct our business in a fair, ethical and legal manner at every level of our organization.


1. Leadership
We encourage our people and we are committed to provide them a platform to perform, innovate and discover. Our people have gone the extra mile to take up every challenge and risk. At Patronix Technologies, we strongly believe in team work and thus we understand No one is as smart as all of us!!

2. Commitment
We believe in commitment as doing whatever it takes to deliver our promise to every Customer of Patronix Technologies. Our people are responsible, punctual and accountable making us a result oriented organization.

3. Integrity
Patronix Technologies committed to conduct its business in ethical and legal principles. We have always encouraged honest and open debate at every step of our business.

4. Modesty
We at Patronix Technologies understand we have miles to go before even looking back. Hence we do not rest on our prior laurels. Laurels come and go, progress is the only thing on our minds, and will be the same for the time to come. For us modesty means discretion, impulsiveness and frankness in relations.

5. Cohesion
we want all employees to feel like they work with Patronix Technologies, not for Patronix Technologies. We think it’s important to have fun with your workmates while working and contributing to the Patronix team.

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