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Telecom & Media

OSS/BSS (Operation & Business Support Systems) information systems:-

Putting the customer at the heart of the information system guarantees that it is relevant and will perform effectively

In order to speed up the deployment of these new-generation System, a thorough understanding of all the different processes and business support systems (BSS) is essential. For example, billing needs to be aligned to the customer’s specific requirements and marketing programs, the information system (IS) may have to be open to external partners including mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), content providers and other Internet portals.

Most operators’ information systems have been built under pressure, in response to their growth. Therefore they incorporate numerous specific developments, and the resulting architecture generally lacks consistency and agility. When it comes to integrating new and often complex applications, this often leads to performance problems.

So the aim should is to build a customer-focused information system that can take into account:
  Complex business-to-business (B-to-B) customers, with their own hierarchies, geographic locations, payment authorities…
  Private customers – whether simple or complex – individuals, family groups...


These days, consolidation is an essential way of bringing down operating costs, and optimizing the productivity and flexibility of information systems

This consolidation strategy benefits from the constant improvements being made to technologies, from semi-conductors to virtualization applications that ensure systems are increasingly powerful. Once it has been standardized and is easy to administer, the IT infrastructure facilitates alignment with the organization’s business priorities.


Accelerating innovation, increasing business process efficiencies and integrating with partner supply chains.

Accelerating innovation and streamlining digital processes in a globalized economy. These include increasing business process efficiency to deal with the worldwide pressure on costs; increasing electronic integration with supply and distribution chains; accelerating the pace of innovation with digital simulation and mobile computing, to break into new markets or respond to new competitors; and enhancing Business Intelligence to better identify and respond to market evolutions. This also helps industries complying with new regulations.


Helping retail companies face the challenges of the digital economy

The digital economy is fundamentally transforming retail, changing traditional geographic boundaries, the very economics of the distribution chain, and access to customers through the digital media. With a fast-paced society and faster-paced technological changes, customers want new, different and customized goods. At the same time, pressures on the back-office are mounting. Larger retailers, with their efficiencies of scale and international scope, are pushing prices down and slashing margins. Medium and smaller businesses are capitalizing on the opportunities provided by long-tail economics.


Taking new risks and challenges into account more rapidly, and building the defence technologies of tomorrow.

An expert in powerful, secure and mission-critical systems, infrastructures and applications, from services (engineering and integration of complex hardware/software systems) to solutions, we help to build the new defence technologies of tomorrow.

Healthcare and social services:-

Putting the patient-professional relationship at the heart of healthcare information systems.

In a healthcare market characterized by constant medical innovation, and expanding demands, Patronix helps healthcare and social bodies meet the challenge of delivering more while keeping costs under control with effective business processes. From IT consulting to outsourcing, from infrastructure platforms to applications, Patronix helps healthcare organizations implement in-depth analysis and decision-support tools, break down the barriers between information systems, and contribute to the development of secure and cost-effective healthcare networks and home care systems. Implementing in-depth analysis and decision support tools for health systems

Analyzing medical best practices based on professional standards is a fundamental need when it comes to measuring costs while guaranteeing the quality of care. To help healthcare organisations analyse their costs – particularly in the face of initiatives such as healthcare event and determine the appropriate service levels, Patronix offering medical/financial management solutions adapted to each discipline.

Re-engineering and breaking down silos in hospital and healthcare information systems

From the implementation of computerized medical records to the integration of new applications, Patronix brings together industry-standard components in the design and implementation of infrastructures, which ensure that new applications and existing solutions work effectively together. Favouring standard, open solutions, we offer a service-oriented architecture (SOA) type platform, designed around healthcare-specific Open Source components, enabling the integration and deployment of appropriate medical applications while at the same time offering much higher levels of flexibility and ability to evolve.Contributing to the development of secure healthcare networks and home care systems

In order to ensure better continuity of care, as well as better long-term continuity throughout a patient’s life, effective information interchanges between hospitals, healthcare networks and social care organisations are required, by integrating the latest wireless networking technologies and capitalizing on its agreements with telecommunications operators.

Public sector:-

Helping public sector organizations put citizens and business at the heart of their processes.

In a rapidly moving digital economy and globalized world, governments and local authorities operate in an environment more and more characterized by rapid economic change, rising security and environmental concerns and a more demanding electorate. As a result, they face an unprecedented challenge to deliver better and more cost-effective services to both citizens and businesses, providing the public with greater levels of accountability and transparency.

Modernising information systems with open and secure technologies

From consulting in IT strategic alignment to outsourcing, from mission-critical servers and security solutions to Java-based integration platforms and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), which helps public sector organizations adapt successfully their IT to today’s complex and constantly changing environment. Always centred on the users, these solutions incorporate the latest open technologies while capitalizing on existing investments.

Providing services focused on citizens and business

From multi-channel ‘citizens’ portals’ to security and e-identity solutions enabling trust and privacy, from on-line processes (taxes, customs,…) to Enterprise Application Integration and e-voting solutions, we help public sector bodies provide services that are fast, easy to use, and available 24 hours a day.

Software Services

Hosting and outsourcing services:-

Patronix’s range of offerings is complete critical hosting services. The company designs, delivers, hosts, and manages Web infrastructures for numerous clients. This offering includes:

  Expertise in Web architecture design, with building specific architectures for clients while taking individual network requirements into account
  A complete range of operational services:
    -  24x7 system monitoring (hardware, network, system, applications)
    -  Support, administration and maintenance in 24/7operational status
    -  Security management and back-up policies

Program management support Improve the performance of your projects and create value:-

Based on its broad experience as a manufacturer, developer and integrator, Patronix can support organizations at every stage in the management of any IT project. Patronix provides totally independent assistance, to ensure that your chosen application meets all your requirements in terms of conformity and user expectations.

  Definition of requirements and specifications
  Assistance in drawing up specifications for tendering
  Project scoping and project management support
  Support in qualifying the solution
  Change management planning

Performance management : organize your IT for business performance:-

Effective realization of corporate strategy depends on making the right choices about which performance measures to track, and how you track them. This in turn depends on having the most effective information system to measure and monitor those performance indicators. Patronix can help you to introduce new analytical models – from helping you to define your performance indicators right through to the implementation of an information system to support your chosen performance management tools.

Software support: An Open Source Software Support Centre :-

This centre provides industrial Open Source support

Our own skills, our R&D, our proximity with communities and our partnership contracts allow us to guarantee to you transparently, industrial Open Source support.

Patronix supports a large number of Open Source software’s.

The main features:
  Industrial and secure advice and support for Open Source components.
  Integration and implementation of software in the customer's environment.
  Engineering (creation / testing / maintenance of software’s).
  R&D partnership with the Open Source community.

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